Our Training

At NYC Teaching Collaborative, we deliver practical, personalized preparation in a manner unlike any other teacher training program. 

We believe that pairing talented, hard-working individuals with the skills and supports required to succeed in NYC's highest-need schools can change students' lives and communities.

  • Partner Teachers receive over four months of training in the spring in which they are supervised, mentored, and coached by Collaborative Coaches, who are experienced classroom teachers. Working alongside these teachers allows for the gradual increase of teaching time and responsibility. This ensures that Partner Teachers develop the essential skills and are fully prepared to be effective teachers in their own classrooms.
  • Collaborative Coaches and Site Managers give Partner Teachers personalized feedback based on individual strengths and needs, which results in a more customized experience.
  • Participants are provided with individualized support and able to transform their positive intentions into substantial outcomes.
  • Year after year, Partner Teachers say that they were on track to being able to raise student achievement in their first year of teaching.