Core Values of the NYC Teaching Collaborative

At the NYC Teaching Collaborative, we are motivated by the belief that practical preparation can equip hard-working, dedicated individuals to be effective teachers in their own classrooms. We expect all participants to internalize and exhibit our core values:

1. High Expectations

We set incredibly high expectations for ALL of our students because we believe in their ability to meet and exceed these goals. We work relentlessly in the face of adversity because we understand that our efforts can make a significant difference in the lives of our students.

2. Respect and Professionalism

We are aware of our own strengths and limitations, and we value the strengths that others have to offer in this work. We work actively to partner with staff members at our schools and with the families and communities of our students to drive student achievement.

3. Constant Learning

We continuously reflect on our practice, take ownership over our own professional development, set goals, and view our growth on a continuum. We welcome feedback, celebrate success, and actively seek opportunities to improve.

4. Perseverance

We do not give up on our students, our schools, or our communities. 

We consider it not only within our control, but also our responsibility, to provide a top-quality education for our students, and we will do whatever it takes toward this end.

5. Collaboration

We work as a team to challenge and support one another. We appreciate that multiple perspectives generate a richer understanding of our work and how to improve it. 

6. Leadership

We exhibit leadership in our classrooms and schools. As teachers and mentors, we thoughtfully set goals and make strategic decisions to help us reach them. We are innovative – where there are no solutions, we create them. We influence how students envision their future selves by enriching classroom instruction with shared perspectives.

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