Master's Degree Program

Great teachers are life-long learners. Our Partner Teachers embody this by complementing their classroom based practice with subsidized Master's degree coursework customized to meet the needs of new teachers, giving them the tools, resources and foundation of an excellent, effective educator.

Partner Teachers generally complete a Master's degree in education in two to three years, depending on their assigned subject area, university, and previous academic coursework.

What degree will I earn?

Partner Teachers earn a Master's degree in education with a concentration in the subject area in which they will be certified to teach. For more information about our subject areas, please visit our Eligibility Requirements page.

Do I need to take any entrance exams?

All Partner Teachers will be required to take the GRE General Test and provide a score prior to enrolling at their assigned university. 

Please note: you do not need to provide a GRE score in order to submit your application to the NYCTC.

What is the course-load during my training and teaching experience?

While your exact course-load will depend upon your academic background, assigned subject area and university, Partner Teachers can expect to take 2-3 courses (6-9 credits) in their first summer, 1-2 courses (3-6 credits) each semester of their first year teaching, 2-3 courses (6-9 credits) in their second summer and 1-2 courses (3-6 credits) each semester of their second year teaching. 

How long will the degree take to complete?

The Master’s degree takes two to three years to complete. The duration of the degree program varies depending on a Partner Teacher's assigned subject area, university, and previous academic coursework. Partner Teachers will begin coursework in June of 2018, as they begin their second residency experience in a NYC public school. 

How much will my master's degree cost?

The NYC Department of Education subsidizes most of the cost of university tuition (excluding books and materials), however Partner Teachers are still responsible for contributing a set amount towards their degree. For the 2018 program, Partner Teachers are responsible for contributing $11,500 towards their degree. This contribution amount will be deducted in regular installments from the Partner Teacher's regular paycheck once they begin teaching full-time and earning a full-time teacher's salary.

In some cases, Partner Teachers will be required to take additional liberal arts or content area credits in order to meet state requirements for certification. Deficiencies are determined by your assigned university at the time of matriculation and cannot be evaluated beforehand. Partner Teachers are responsible for the costs of any deficiencies in liberal arts (also known as "general education core") or content area coursework, and these may be taken at any accredited college/university.  

How does master's coursework relate to certification?

After successful completion of their residency experiences, Partner Teachers will begin teaching under a Transitional B certificate issued by New York State, allowing them to teach full-time and earning a full-time teacher's salary and benefits while enrolled in an approved Master’s degree program. Upon completion of the Master's degree, Partner Teachers may apply for Initial or Professional NY State teaching certification.